What is B.I.T.U.

In this world, Melanated people are separated physically by distance, Culturally by Tribe and Ethnicity, and Mentally by Ideology... Black is the secret sauce in tasty dishes all over the world, Black is the swagger in our every movement, Black is the creativity that progresses every place we inhabit and Black is the energy we bring to every endeavor. No Matter how you identify, Regardless of your ideology, the one thing that brings us all together is the Uniform. The Unifying factor that connects each and every one of us... Black Is The Uniform.

 The Shield  

The B.I.T.U. Shield is the crest of the Black family across the diaspora. The Shield consist of the elements that connect black people no matter the language or location.


  • The Atomic structure of Melanin, occupies the largest area within the Shield. It is the biggest unifier, Melanin is the great amplifier of life. It is the universes gift to black people that enables us to convert "that which is good" to "that that which is GREAT". 
  • The Sun, gives life to all natural species on earth, its light is our greatest source of energy, and its importance has been recognized by the ancestors since the beginning of time.  
  • The Pineal Gland, also known as "the eye of Horus", is not only the source of Melanin production, it is also the bodies antenna. Thru the Pineal Gland, we are not only connected to not only one another, but to the Source itself. 
  • Music has always been the language of black people, it is the vehicle by which we communicate across the ether. Music allows the melanated soul to commune with the ancients and synchronize with nature. It is both telephone and time machine.